Sunday, 12 February 2012

A happy man.

"Very few man can be genuinely happy in a life involving continual self assertion against public skepticism."-Betrand Russell.

What is the measure of happiness in a man? Wealth? Health? Love? Education?

The simplest way to define happiness is based on the individual itself.

Let me paint you a picture. Two man, the first one is a farmer and the second one is a doctor. These two man view their happiness in vastly different way.

The farmer, doing labor all day and the apple of his eyes is his farm. He plant seed, water them and care for them. And when his crop is ready to be harvest, his smile will crescent and his hard work is paid off. Some people view this as vain as the farmer is happy and amused to the littlest things in life.

A doctor. Studied in medical school for four years and trying to make this world a better place. His daily routine is attending to sick people and trying to put a smile back on their face. A doctor went into the surgery room, trying to create a miracle for a dying patient. He spend hours in the surgery room and finally he saved his patients's life. There is a smile on his face, after all this years of learning, going fighting through rocks and bricks in medical school and he succeed to achieve his purpose in life. People call him the savior in life and he is happy.

Yes, both farmer and doctor is happy but differentiate them? According to Betrand Russell, happiness is different for individuals. The happiness of the farmer differ from the happiness of the doctor. The education background will somehow differentiate the happiness you obtained.

Is it true? Try to reflect yourself and the people around you. Are you and people around you are smiling for the same reason?

Add me to know me.

What exactly is virtual clutter? From my own understanding, it is unneeded mess that we put on ourselves daily on our virtual life. Facebook users, Twitter users and Foursquare users are often a comman victim to virtual clutter. This virtual sites are like a field of competition to show people around them what is going on in their life, what they are eating, where they hang out and much more.

Most of us, fail to admit that we have the Virtual Clutter Syndrome(VCS). VCS is the the constant need to update all the things unnecessary in life to the whole world.

When an individual is hooked on updating these small details online, it is hard to quit. The constant need to Tweet, or to update status on their Facebook is what keep the online world merrier to some.

"All the cool kids are quitting Facebook." An article from Jenna Wortham talks about how a very popular social network website is starting to becoming dull with all the virtual clutter caused by the users.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fingers and Touch

The Pianist. 

Nostalgic, based on a true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Jewish pianist who's life started as any other man. A happy lad, surrounded with family and passion for music.

The movie is a memoir on how the Jews in German were almost wipe out by the Nazis. Reading through the background of the Nazis give me a perception that Nazis are nothing but flesh eating human being that tasted for the destruction of not only the Jews but humanity itself.

Before even watching the movie, my mind was set that I somehow pity the Jews and damned the Nazis. The movie itself took me into a terrifying journey of being a fugitive, running for the sake of religion. 

Music can tame the wildest beast. Yes, that is true.

The Pianist for me was not only about the survival, the death of the Jews or the cruelty of the Nazis. 

What caught my attention the most was the music.

Humanity in human was restored in this single scene where Wladyslaw Szpilman was asked by the German Officer, Wilm to play him a song for him. The German Officer was faced with guilt and call of duty when he encounter Szpilman. 

He then hid Szpilman, bringing him food and providing warm cloth. Something opposite from what the institution of Nazis are built. I saw a spark of friendship, yet the feeling of being guilty and sorry towards Szpilman from the officer.

Music had reunite them and saved Szpilman's life. 

Fingers and touch and a piano. The faith on humanity is restored in just a single scene. 

You might see evil when you close your eyes.

I came to understand why the holocaust happened.

An order was given and an unwilling heart was stuck between a duty and humanity.

Nazis are just following orders.

They are not much different from any of us who life by the rule.

The only thing that differentiates us is we did not kill.