Sunday, 12 February 2012

Add me to know me.

What exactly is virtual clutter? From my own understanding, it is unneeded mess that we put on ourselves daily on our virtual life. Facebook users, Twitter users and Foursquare users are often a comman victim to virtual clutter. This virtual sites are like a field of competition to show people around them what is going on in their life, what they are eating, where they hang out and much more.

Most of us, fail to admit that we have the Virtual Clutter Syndrome(VCS). VCS is the the constant need to update all the things unnecessary in life to the whole world.

When an individual is hooked on updating these small details online, it is hard to quit. The constant need to Tweet, or to update status on their Facebook is what keep the online world merrier to some.

"All the cool kids are quitting Facebook." An article from Jenna Wortham talks about how a very popular social network website is starting to becoming dull with all the virtual clutter caused by the users.