Sunday, 29 January 2012

No Brainer?


Every human is entitled with a voice and a pair of eyes. To voice out your opinion and to see and judge. To keep this two gifts linked but still use it honorably, is the job of the brain. The brain is responsible for balancing how an individual project the voice and how they judge through their eyes.

Brain by Google.

A brain is divide into two section, the left brain hemisphere and the right brain hemisphere. 

Left brainer is usually in tune with their own concept of right and wrong as the basic of reality. The view something from their own opinion and judge based on what they think and understand.

Right brainer on the other hand, are very emphatic to others' concept of right and wrong as the basis of their reality. When they come across a situation or a crisis, they will put themselves in the shoes of the other person. They will try to understand what they went through and what make a certain thing happened.

If an individual is more in tune with their left brain hemisphere, they will tend to feel that they are more superior in term of ideas, opinions and actions. This will lead to being self-centered and me-person. While sometimes being confident with your opinion is good, sometimes, it is not. 

While if an individual is too in touch with their right brain hemisphere, they will put others firsts. This is a good thing but sooner or later, it will effect the individual. Being too emphatic, being too concern and being too kind will take its tool. It will someday come back to them as a wrong act and put them through trouble.

So, when it comes to judging something whether it is rational or not, you have to use both part of the brain equally. Only then can you see a clearer picture.