Saturday, 21 April 2012

The king and queen of rant.

Rant. An exaggerated continuous with that employ wit, sarcasm and humour to poke fun on a particular subject.

Rant is an art. And what should you do and apply to make it successful?

First, do have a clear topic. If you aren't clear what you're talking about and you don't define it clearly for the audience, don't bother trying to get on a rant.

Second, fill yourself with passion. A lot of comedians aim too low throws passion at misguided topics like 'clothes for pets'. A useful advice, use your real passion for the thing you're really worked up about.

Third is having the attitude. Try to go beyond 'oh great' and find a comic attitude that underlies the emotion, but a rant is not the place to mitigate your attitude. In fact, it's the place to 'maxigate' it.

Next are you had to have a point of view. Remember; don't lose yourself and your particular situation. Why are you so worked up that you have to take this rant to the stage?

Last but not least is do have momentum. A rant is a great place to practice fast-talking. Audiences love a rant because they know what ride they're on and their only job is to try to keep up with you. Your job, of course, is to try to keep up with yourself and not get derailed by your own momentum. A good rant is like a visceral mental high-wire act on speed.

Use your rants to work on your ability to milk more laughs from a given word, phrase or topic. And for God's sake try to have some kind of recording device running so after a successful rant  you can go back, analyse what you did right and maybe transcribe some nuggets to re-use or re-perform.