Sunday, 12 February 2012

A happy man.

"Very few man can be genuinely happy in a life involving continual self assertion against public skepticism."-Betrand Russell.

What is the measure of happiness in a man? Wealth? Health? Love? Education?

The simplest way to define happiness is based on the individual itself.

Let me paint you a picture. Two man, the first one is a farmer and the second one is a doctor. These two man view their happiness in vastly different way.

The farmer, doing labor all day and the apple of his eyes is his farm. He plant seed, water them and care for them. And when his crop is ready to be harvest, his smile will crescent and his hard work is paid off. Some people view this as vain as the farmer is happy and amused to the littlest things in life.

A doctor. Studied in medical school for four years and trying to make this world a better place. His daily routine is attending to sick people and trying to put a smile back on their face. A doctor went into the surgery room, trying to create a miracle for a dying patient. He spend hours in the surgery room and finally he saved his patients's life. There is a smile on his face, after all this years of learning, going fighting through rocks and bricks in medical school and he succeed to achieve his purpose in life. People call him the savior in life and he is happy.

Yes, both farmer and doctor is happy but differentiate them? According to Betrand Russell, happiness is different for individuals. The happiness of the farmer differ from the happiness of the doctor. The education background will somehow differentiate the happiness you obtained.

Is it true? Try to reflect yourself and the people around you. Are you and people around you are smiling for the same reason?